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Don't mind the shadows that follow you around when you listen to these things, they are a part of the ritual. The more you think about them, the more real they become. Don't feed them after midnight, either.

Game Systems

Below are some of our favorite RPG volumes, returned to again and again until the tapes on the spines have cracked and the pages are falling free of their binding. Clicking the link will direct you to a smorgasbord of system specific gaming.

Call of Cthulhu

Sandy Petersen's ode to the works of H.P. Lovecraft, blended with the Basic Roleplay (BRP) rule set. This quintessential horror game, now in its 7th edition, continues to be a shining example of cosmic horror and well loved decades after its first printing.

Delta Green

Deception is a right, truth is a privilege. Originally an adaptation of Call of Cthulhu, Delta Green reimagines modern day cosmic horror as black bag government organizations that seek to contain and eliminate potential threatening vectors by any means necessary. Listener discretion advised.

Dungeon Crawl Classics

A game of adventure and daring that takes inspiration from Appendix N fantasy, Dungeon Crawl Classics provides an old school hack and slash experience, where traps and horrific monsters abound. Treasure waits below in the darkest caverns, but only the brave, the bold, and possibly the idiotic, will stand a chance.

Dungeons and Dragons

Often considered the origin of fantasy RPGs, Dungeons and Dragons continues to be the face of the hobby decades after its creation by Gary Gygax. Now in its 5th edition, DND remains a staple, paying homage to its origins while still creating new and exciting adventures for newcomers.

Mörk Borg

The world is a bleak, apocalyptic wasteland in this metal inspired, overtly deadly RPG. The rule book is short and easy to digest, but it evokes a darkly rich and unique world of death and dismemberment. Mork Borg is fast paced, bizarre, and deadly; a perfect combination for a unique one short or short setting game.

Shadows of Esteren

A medieval game with horrific gothic overtones, Shadows of Esteren creates a unique and vibrant world of grit and realism. In these dark places, supernatural creatures and effects are terrifying and dangerous, and those who walk through these dim lands must struggle mightily to survive.

The Strange

Beyond scientifically quantifiable space and time lies a network of wild and dangerous energy; a place some call The Strange. Navigating it allows one to explore foreign lands, exotic worlds, and even become someone (or something) else. Utilizing the Cypher System, The Strange provides an escapist fantasy like none other, where the players and their game are constantly in flux.

Trail of Cthulhu

Designed by the award winning Kenneth Hite, Trail seeks to evoke the Lovecraftian Mythos in a strong narrative and investigative game. Utilizing the GUMSHOE system, players and GMs alike use this point buy system to avoid the chaos of die rolls and instead focus on the madness of the adventure.

Trudvang Chronicles

Based on Nordic and Celtic legends, Trudvang is a game of fantasy adventure against mysterious natural and mythical forces. With a robust and complex rule set, this Norwegian RPG presents a rich fantasy world in its own unique way.


Over the years, listeners have often asked, unwisely, for us to wax philosophical or to explain how the Brothel sausage is made. At other times, kindly fools have graced us with their presence and their much needed injection of thoughtful discussion. Those who asked for our opinions no longer do so, and we're no longer (legally) allowed near those brave volunteers. Click below for more.

Between Two Crits

Variety is the spice of life they say, even if that variety involves deriving dangerous concoctions for our house alchemist or finding fresh (ish) body parts for the wizard's golem assembly.

The same goes for gaming, of course.  Sometimes we try things, and you can find those trials at the link below. Should some of these be tried again? Absolutely. Should some be obliterated by fire like an out of control alien species bent on galactic domination? Probably not, but keep the napalm handy in case the next experiment goes horribly wrong. Enter the lab below, but make sure you're wearing safety goggles.

Trial Games
Original Content

Before switching to a full repitoire of RPG programming, the Rancor's Brothel was a variety talk show. Think Lawrence Welk but with nerds. Each week, Matt and Dustin (then later, Matt and Cody) would talk for an hour or so about various subjects upon which they probably understood very little. Guests were frequent, and such recurring features as Discount X-Man, Versus, and Battlestar Brothel were major hits.

The format is dead, but like an elephant, the Internet never forgets. These dust covered episodes from antiquity still reside in the deepest, darkest levels of the archive. Step into the Restricted Section, if you dare.

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