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Delta Green - Impossible Landscapes

(Ongoing, 2021- )

Across bizarre, unknown vistas and through circular, incomprehensible timelines the Program attempts to confront the horrors surrounding that damnable play, The King in Yellow. Horrific truths are leaking into our world through the dark cracks that lead to terrifying places, no matter how they try to stop the onrush of madness and chaos that ensues in its wake. And with those truths comes music and blood. All will dance, hand in hand, until the end of the world.


Delta Green - Cold Dead Hand

(5 episodes, 2020)

Soviet Russia, August 1991. While President Gorbachev is out of the country, several Party hardliners stage a coup, seizing possession the nation and deposing the "weak" Head of State. During this tense situation, a remote missile silo outpost in the Russian wilderness fails to report in. Unsure of the chain of command or who might have possession of the nuclear missles, Moscow sends a team to regain control. A freak snowstorm that hits the LZ is just the beginning of their troubles, however.

Delta Green - Controlcopy

(3 episodes, 2017)

A series of strange, unexplained murders seem to lead back to a former Delta Green friendly, who has now gone missing.  Yet Operation CUBAN EIGHT is far stranger than a homicidal murderer on the loose, as Agents soon find out firsthand.

Delta Green - Fool's Errand

(2 episodes, 2018)

A Program training mission in rural Ohio goes dark unexpectedly, their final communication from the lead Agent recommended an authorized tactical nuclear strike on U.S. soil. Unable to reach the Team, the Program sends new Agents to investigate, but they're on the clock. Can they prevent this doomsday scenario? A homebrew Delta Green scenario by Cody Grady.

Delta Green - Forget Me Not

(3 episodes, 2020)

A group of Agents wake up in a wrecked van on the side of a country road at night, with no memory of who they are or what they were doing. Together, they struggle to recover their memories, having the feeling that something horrific is about to happen, and they have no idea what it is or ow to prevent it. A modern Call of Cthulhu scenario using the Delta Green rule set.

Delta Green - Future/Perfect

(3 episodes, 2017)

Hellbend, California has been eroding away in the desert sun for decades. With no industry, no tourism, and no hope, it seems doomed to wither away in the sun like so many other small towns; a quiet, slow, and unsuspecting end. Yet a recent string of unsuspected violent deaths suggest someone (or something) is speeding up that process.

Delta Green - I hate my job

(3 episodes, 2022)

It is the day before Thanksgiving, and a nightmarish scene plays out in Seattle. An unknown assailant has taken hostages inside a suburban daycare, and tensions continue to flare as he rants and raves, surrounded by child hostages. Yet there may be more to it than that… so the nearest Agents on hand are dispatched to find out what’s really going on.

Delta Green - Ladybug

(6 episodes, 2019)

A chronically sick child is abducted from a public place in suburban Ohio, and it seems that individuals connected to the Program may be to blame. The child's parents, as leaders of a radical doomsday religion, also raise some red flags. Agents are dispatched to find the missing girl and discover the connection, but not all is what it seems. A modern Call of Cthulhu scenario using the Delta Green rule set.

Delta Green - Music From A Darkened Room

(5 episodes, 2018)

Something is very wrong in the house on 1206 Spooner Avenue. Over the past five decades, more than a dozen people have inexplicably died within its cursed walls. When the latest inexplicable fatality is a former Agent, the Program sents in a team to investigate. They soon discover that bizarre things go bump in the night on Spooner Ave.

Delta Green - Night Floors

(4 episodes, 2016)

Agents are sent to Manhattan to catalogue the articles of a missing painter.  The bizarre tapestry of items in her apartment hints at something more than the everyday; for those who can solve the mystery, the rewards are reaped… elsewhere.

Delta Green - Observer Effect

(4 episodes, 2017)

The Holobeam Array, a highly experimental physics project with the U.S. Department of Energy, suffered a minor power surge. All reports suggest this was nothing more than a power fluctuation, but Agents from the Program are dispatched to investigate the laboratory in a highly unusual way. What they find there is well beyond human comprehension.

Delta Green - Sentinels of Twilight

(3 episodes, 2016)

Since the foundation of the national park system, over a thousand children have gone missing.  Less than half are found, and those that do survive are often found miles from their last known location.  After a child is discovered alive in Yosemite Park over thirty years after going missing, Delta Green dispatches agents on Operation FULMINATE; where they may discover that man is not the most dangerous animal.

Delta Green - Sick Again

(5 episodes, 2018-2019)

A virulent and deadly outbreak in rural Arizona threatens to cause a full blown pandemic, rising thousands of lives. The CDC's rapid response team, FEVER Group, is dispatched to contain the situation by any means necessary. Preliminary investigation of the virus, however, suggests this disease is far from ordinary. And the situation only gets stranger and more deadly from there.