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Dungeons and Dragons - Curse of Strahd

(89 episodes, 2016-2018)

Somewhere deep beyond the mists, Castle Ravenloft looms over the forlorn, forgotten town of Barovia. The castle's master, Count Strahd, looks out upon his domain of fog and despair. He feels something, or more accurately, someone is coming. Soon a caravan will come through the mists, and it would be rude to not invite these guests to dinner.

Dungeons and Dragons - Hoard of the Dragon Queen

(60 episodes, 2015-2016)

Across Faerun, the power of the Cult of the Dragon grows. The worshippers of Tiamat seek to destroy the Realm for their matron, even attempting to bring her physically to the material plane. In response, various factions attempt to oppose these evil machinations. Oblivious to all of this, four travelers ride into the quiet town of Greenest with a caravan, hoping to get a decent night's rest. They soon find themselves dragged into this war for all Faerun.

Dungeons and Dragons - Nevthelien

(85 episodes, 2019-2021)

Nevthelien, an ancient Elven city buried deep underground, has been forgotten for centuries. Many believe the city is nothing but a fairy tale from an older age. However, a missive from a traveling scholar catches the attention of prominent scholars in the southern part of Naltha. They dispatch adventurers to investigate, who soon find out that Nevthelien has many buried secrets that will change the world forever.

Dungeons and Dragons - Out of the Abyss

(74 episodes, 2018-2019)

In the darkest depths of the Underdark, horrific things are crossing into the Material Plane... creatures that do not belong in Faerun.  Their very presence warps reality, causing further distortions on everything and everyone in their immediate vicinity. Meanwhile, four adventurers, dragged into the darkness against their will, are forced to combat these abominations in a struggle to reach the surface and tell others of the apocalyptic dangers lurking below.

Dungeons and Dragons - Tomb of Annihilation

(30 episodes, 2017-2019) INCOMPLETE

Across the continent of Faerun, people are dying unexpectedly, wasting  away via unknown, magical means. To solve this deadly mystery, a powerful magical patron recruits four adventurers and transports them to the island of Chult, convinced the reason behind these deaths lies within the wild jungle interior of the isle. It's a race against time to find the source of this magic and stop it, before the whole realm is consumed.

Dungeons and Dragons - The Wild Beyond the Witchlight

(Ongoing, 2022-)

Once every eight years, the fantastic and whimsical Witchlight Carnival returns, providing out of this world entertainment and joy for those of all ages. Headed by the unusual owners, Mister Witch and Mister Light, the Carnival is a must see attraction.  Yet beyond the surface of delights something terrible is going on.  And our adventurers are the only ones that can stop it.


Dungeons and Dragons - Crypts of Azarumme

(4 episodes, 2020)

Father Reginald Baird, a priest of the Church of St. Terragnis, has gone missing. The head acolyte of the church reaches out to four adventurers to look more closely into his disappearance. They soon find that something sinister lurks beneath the church. (Note, this is the third adventure in Arcane Library's Bundle of Horror series).

Dungeons and Dragons - Masque of the Worms

(3 episodes, 2020)

After a large masquerade party at Moldavia Manor, the Baroness Eleanor Rennet never came home. Her husband, Baron Henrik Rennet, dispatches four investigators to see what has happened. They journey to Moldavia Manor, the home of newly enobled Count Lebrun Moldavia. But not all is what it seems in the manor house. (Note, this is the first adventure in Arcane Library's Bundle of Horror series).

Dungeons and Dragons - Valley of the Gilded Tower

(2 episodes, 2020)

After the fallout of the adventure at Moldavia Manor, the Baron Rennet, now deathly ill, summons the investigators once more to his side. There is another grisly task to undertake, and one the Baron cannot do in his condition. It will require the, to journey to the family mausoleum, where very few beings lie in quiet repose. (Note, this is the second adventure in Arcane Library's Bundle of Horror series).

Dungeons and Dragons - Watchers in the Dark

(3 episodes, 2020)

A mysterious meteorite crashed suddenly into the countryside, causing quite a stir amongst the locals. Several days after the cosmic event, however, strange creatures are said to stalk the area, and people begin to go missing. These bizarre happenings reach our four adventurers, who decide to do a bit of digging. (Note, this is the fourth adventure in Arcane Library's Bundle of Horror series).