Archive - Trail of Cthulhu

Bryson Springs

(5 episodes, 2016)

In June of 1935, the Dust Bowl still plagued the American Southwest, a third of all people were out of work, and the government’s path to recovery was far from certain. Amidst this Great Depression, the Bryson Springs Ranch suffered a hardship altogether more extraordinary. People were dying in the migrant workers’ shantytown, dying in horrific, mind-boggling ways. These terrors force strangers to confront the things which stalk the desert night, hunting the downtrodden for their dark and blasphemous god

Devourers in the Mist

(5 episodes, 2015)

Waking up in the pounding surf of an apparently deserted island, a number of recent cruise-goers become castaways must now band together to survive in the uncharted wilderness that stretches before them.  Yet their surroundings are far from uninhabited, as they soon find themselves hunted by creatures that cannot be seen.