Archive - Experimentation

Red Markets - Gunrunning

(2 episodes, 2017)

A group of Takers, looking for a new job, reach out to John Henry of the Steel Drivers faction. It seems folks around the Bailey need weapons, and there's tales of a weapons cache nearby. But if these were easy to get, it wouldn't be a paying job.

Slasher Flick - Crawling through a Blood Soaked Wonderland

(2 episodes, 2015)

A group of college kids on winter break have a bad bit of luck when their party bus breaks down. Thankfully, it seems like there is an old ski lodge up the road; with a snowstorm on the horizon, they should be able to make it safe and sound, right? A homebrew adventure by Lucas Patterson.

T.I.M.E Stories - Aslyum

(3 episodes, 2016)

Temporal agents of T.I.M.E, sworn to protect the time stream from tampering, have detected an issue in Paris, 1921. Quickly, the Agents deploy to prevent possible damage. We play the mission one from the hit board game, T.I.M.E Stories.

T.I.M.E Stories - The Marcy Case

(4 episodes, 2017)

After Paris 1921, the time travelers return to the Agency only to deploy again, this time to 1992 to prevent a young girl's kidnapping. Yet things aren't as they seem, a more individuals seem to be messing with the timeline. We play mission two from the hit board game, T.I.M.E Stories.

Wushu - The Naginata of Akuma Kogo

(2 episodes, 2019)

Big Apple, 3AM. The Brothers Three, a vigilante martial arts group, patrols the rooftops looking for evildoers to thrash. They stumble across a gang of thieves trying to loot a store, but little do they know that this small attempted theft will lead them to a much greater challenge. A homebrew scenario by Cody Grady.