Archive - Shadows of Esteren

A Key to the Past

(3 episodes, 2017)

Something horrible has happened in the castle of Mac Ballecs. Rumors abound that the estate is haunted. Yet land is always valuable, and the Council of Kalvernach has decided it should belong to them and not the nearby Magientists. They decide to send a group of locals to run interference, but they are not prepared for what they find within the castle's walls. Part 1.

Blood Feathers

(3 episodes, 2016)

All is not well in the town of Mudan.  Supplies are needed, and four adventurers are paid a hefty fee to travel 100 miles to secure the necessary goods.  Yet their route passes through the Sunken Forest, a treacherous landmark where travelers often disappear.  As the group runs into the unexpected, can they rely on the good intentions of a remote mining family?

Blood Trail

(3 episodes, 2017)

Even after past events, the Council of Kalvernach is not done with Mac Baellec's castle. It seems the first expedition did not eliminate all the dangers, so Bael Krum asks the explorers to return and fully cleanse the area. After rest and resupply, they set off again, only to find a series of strange objects in the forest. It feels suspiciously like a trap. Part 2.